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Welcome from the Board

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining the Ontario West Coast Landowners Association.

Who are we you ask?

We’re your friends and neighbours who are very concerned about some of the decisions that this municipality is making with regards to proposed multi-million dollar capital projects without any cost-benefit analysis being done, public-private partnerships without public input and how your hard earned tax dollars are being spent.  We’re all volunteers with a wide array of skills and professional backgrounds who do our research and ask our local government for truth and transparency about their decision making process. We are concerned both with the answers and the non-answers that have been provided. We believe that our municipality must perform better.

It has often been said that no individual can fight ‘City Hall’.

We know that a collection of focused and committed citizens can get results when they work together. As property owners we should be very concerned about the decisions that are being made, both locally and at the provincial level, that are having an impact on our property values. We didn’t work hard to achieve what we have for politicians to play with on a whim. But, that’s what’s happening right across this province. Consider the impact of the Green Energy Act, the Electricity Act, the Species at Risk Act, the Development Charges Act, the Expropriations Act and the Provincial Policy Statement are having on private property use. It’s serious and we need to act now to let our politicians know how we feel before it gets worse. In keeping with our Mission Statement we are a not-for-profit organization made up of non-partisan volunteers who care deeply about the future of this great municipality and want to be able to afford to live here for many more years.
Take a look at your tax increases over the last number of years. Do you believe you’re getting your money’s worth of services for the amount you pay? That’s why we formed the OWCLA. As the old saying goes, “if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything”. Politicians need to understand that the money they’re spending is provided by us; it’s not theirs to spend as they see fit. The economy is struggling and our politicians need to understand the reality of doing more with less. It’s a matter of providing needs, not wants.
Your support will help us to help you!

The OWCLA Board of Directors

Our Mission Statement

The Ontario West Coast Landowners Association is a not-for-profit organization that aims to advance property rights for our members at the same time as promoting democratic, fiscally responsible and accountable government.

As a concerned group of local property owners we have formed this association to encourage citizens in our area to help make their voices heard in matters regarding property rights while pushing for transparent government performance.

We are committed to excellence in researching the issues, informing our membership of those issues and advocating on your behalf.

We care about what’s in the best interests of our communities.

OWCLA Board of Directors

Jordy Speake
Brock Commeford
Doug Bonesteel
Scott MacGregor
Pattie Bonesteel
Wayne Scheifele

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