General Meeting, July 28th, 2018


Members of the Ontario West Coast Landowners Association that attended the General Meeting on July 28, 2018 were given an update on the proposed municipal sanitary sewer system expansion in the Lambton Shores Official Plan by Dr. Carl Belke. The latest University of Waterloo report by Dr. Will Robertson finds that septic systems are not having an adverse impact on Lake Huron. This finding is consistent with the message to the municipality in 2013 by the Ontario Minister of the Environment. The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly the Ontario Municipal Board) has yet to re-schedule a prehearing conference to resolve OWCLA’s appeal of the municipal Official Plan. Other agenda items informed members of the status of OWCLA’s complaints to the Ontario Ombudsman about various Lambton Shores business practices and the mediation efforts being made by Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner to address the numerous appeals lodged by our Association in response to how the municipality has treated our formal requests for public information.

Members can read the Unapproved Minutes here.